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Pool Auto Sales
Park and Sell Consignment Plan
411 West Miles Ave ID 83835
NW Corner of Miles and HWY 95
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The Pool Auto Sales Park and Sell service is the most convenient and effective method available for people wanting to sell their vehicles today. With our superior location, right on Hwy 95, we have the best traffic exposure as well as an already existing strong customer base. The Pool Auto Sales family has been selling new and used cars in the Coeur d'Alene area since the 1950's when we originally had the Studebaker franchise! This all results in the highest probability that your vehicle will sell quickly and net you the most money!

Our consignment park and sell service takes care of EVERYTHING! Simply bring in your vehicle and register for our services. Our friendly and experienced staff will call you with any reasonable offers we receive and then you get to decide if that deal is right for you. If not, we do all we can to negotiate one that is. When you do receive an acceptable offer, we take care of all the paperwork and title transfer documents. The buyer never knows your name or has access to your contact information. It simply is the most private and practical method available to anyone wanting to sell a vehicle, boat or rv.

Additional Services Available

Website Listing: For additional exposure and web presence, we advertise your vehicle on our website as well as craigslist with multiple high def digital photos at no charge!

Pricing Assistance:We will assist you in determining a price using up to date data sources as well as our experience to help you get your vehicle sold at no charge!

Weekly Car Wash: Clean vehicles sell faster and for more money! For $25 per month you can opt for a weekly wash and wipe down on your vehicle.

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Full Vehicle Detail: We can arange for your vehicle to receive a complete interior and exterior detail. Clean vehicles sell faster! Price varies per vehicle.

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